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Frequently Asked Questions


When is my deadline? Your recertification deadline will never change. It is always the 1st of the month before your recertification expires. E.g. If your certification expires on March 1 then your deadline is February 1, if your certification expires July 1 then your deadline is June 1, and if your certification expires November 1 then your deadline is October 1.

Can someone else manage my SECB account? Yes, however only one person will receive communications, the same email as the login.


Step #1 Payment

How do I pay? You can pay online by credit card, PayPal, or by mailing in a check.

If I don’t have a PayPal account can I still pay online? Yes. PayPal is the online payment processor, but if you continue through the payment process you will be able to enter a business or personal credit card.

How do I pay by check? Please complete the payment process in the system, clicking the “Check or money order” option in the Payment process section. At the end of the process you will be given an Order ID (usually 4-5 numbers long). Please include that number and your certification number on the check.

What if I forgot to complete the payment process and do not have an Order ID? Still include your certification number on the check.

I was charged twice? Always make sure your Cart only has a Quantity (Qty.) of 1 and the Subtotal equals $100. Make changes to the Qty. field if that is not the case. If you have already paid twice for one cycle, contact the Certification Coordinator to apply the second payment to your next cycle.

Can I print an invoice? Yes. After you complete your “Check or money order” payment, click My Account, then click the Renewal tab, then click on the Renewal # you wish to print the invoice for, then click “Click to open a window with a printable invoice” at the bottom of the page. The invoice will open in anther window.


Step #2 Engagement Record

Every year a record of your work experience is required for recertification. This Engagement Record, sometimes call Exhibit B, is needed to confirm you are completing structural engineer-specific tasks for at least part time or a retired engineer active in the structural engineering industry. 


What time range should I consider when completing my Engagement Record? Use the same dates as your continuing education timeframe. E.g. February 1-February 1, June 1-June 1 or October 1-October 1, depending on your deadline.

What information do you need in the Project Information field of the Engagement Record? Project types and responsibilities you worked on through the past 12 months.

How much information should my Project Information include? About 8 lines of information should give sufficient detail.

What if I am freelance and worked on several project types? Feel free to complete as many Engagement Records as you think adequately reflect your work experience over the last 12 months.

Can I copy and paste my last Engagement Record? No. Any engineer reentering the same information will have his application for recertification denied until a current Engagement Record is saved.

What if I do the same thing every year? The type of project might stay the same but the actual structures worked on should change, please update your Engagement Record to reflect those changes.

What if I am retired? SECB will consider structural engineers still active in the industry.  


Step #3 Record PDH hours

Your continuing education or Professional Development Hours is an important part of the recertification process and can be the most time consuming. We recommend you enter your hours online as soon as you earn them, to spread out the task. SECB reviews hours of education earned, not units. Please log your continuing education as the actual hours you participated.


Where can I find a list of Approved Providers for electronic continuing education? Refer to the recertification section of the website.

Do all my continuing education hours need to be from approved providers? No. only your online education does. Any face-to-face seminar, course or lecture does not need to be from an Approved Provider.

What is considered online/web-based education for SECB? Any remote learning that is instructor paced (e.g. attendees cannot not be advancing the slides) that has visual and audio components.

Can I earn self-study hours? No. Any web-based or in-person education must be instructor paced. You cannot earn hours for reading, whether it is online or in your office.

What if I have to take a quiz at the end of my continuing education self-study or reading? It is still not acceptable for SECB continuing education hours.

Why is it that sometimes my state licensing board accepts hours that SECB does not? SECB is not trying to emulate state licensing requirements, rather it is designed to set a higher standard of continuing education that is specific to structural engineers.

How can I see what hours I have submitted over past cycles? Use the links on the left side of your profile labeled; My Activity History with Carryover, My Activity History without Carryover, or My Complete Activity History Download. All three are downloadable Excel documents.

What if I attended a conference? Enter multi-day events or events with several speakers as individual Activity Records for each different talk. This is to ensure that all hours are assigned to the appropriate category.


Step #4 Apply Hours to Cycle

Depending on the amount of hours you earned and what categories you earned them in how you apply your hours can greatly alter your carryover availability. Use the column “Carryover Hours available for next Cycle” as a guide. After you change your Apply Hours to Cycle column and refresh, this area will update to reflect those changes.


How do I know what hours to apply? The system will always apply your Carryover first so thing you should do is assigned the same Carryover hours you see in your Summary of Activity to the corresponding column in the red-tinted table. If you have less than 15 hours of Carryover, next you should assign hours in the columns that allow the least amount of Carryover (e.g. Categories F, E, D, and B). This ensures you can earn the maximum hours in the Category next cycle while taking full advantage of Carryover allowed.


Step #5 Submit Recertification

When I click “Submit Recertification” I see a red X under the Status column in line 1? Your credit card payment did not go through or your check has not arrive at the SECB office and been processed. If an Order ID has been create and a check is in the mail, this will not delay the approval process, however your confirmation will not arrive until your check has been processed.

When I click “Submit Recertification” I see a red X under the Status column in line 2? No Engagement Record has been saved. If you filled out an Engagement Record but still see a red X then you probably didn’t same the record and you will have to create a new one.


When I click “Submit Recertification” I see a red X under the Status column in line 4? Click step # 4 Apply Hours to Cycle again to confirm you have only the 15 hours you want applied to this cycle. The Whole column should not have more hours than 15 hours and no less than 15 hours.



What if I miss my recertification deadline? Please contact the Certification Coordinator immediately then start entering your Engagement Record and Payment information. She will explain how to add your Professional Development Hours.

If I lapsed, and am given a new deadline to submit my recertification application, will my deadline change? No. You will need to submit your lapsed cycle’s information by one deadline but your original deadline will never change. Sometimes that means you are submitting two recertification applications within 12 months, but for two separate, cycles, just to catch up. 



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