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Frequently Asked Questions


When is my deadline? Your recertification deadline is every 3 years on March 31st. The renewal fee is due annually, every March 31st. 

Can someone else manage my SECB account? Yes, however, only one e-mail address will receive communications, the same email as the login.


Step #1 Payment

How do I pay? You can pay online by credit card, or by mailing in a check payable to SECB, 555 8th Avenue Suite 1902, New York, NY 10018.

How do I pay online? Online payments can be made through the dashboard


Step #2 Engagement Record

Every year a record of your work experience is required for recertification. This Engagement Record, sometimes call Exhibit B, is needed to confirm you are completing structural engineer-specific tasks for at least part time or a retired engineer active in the structural engineering industry. 


What time range should I consider when completing my Engagement Record? Your Engagement Record must always end on the last day of your renewal cycle. For example, if you are due to renew on March 31, 2021, then the end date of your engagement record should be March 31, 2021. 

What information do you need in the Project Information field of the Engagement Record? Project types and responsibilities you worked on through the past 12 months.

How much information should my Project Information include? About 8 lines of information should give sufficient detail.

What if I am freelance and worked on several project types? Feel free to complete as many Engagement Records as you think adequately reflect your work experience over the last 12 months.

Can I copy and paste my last Engagement Record? No. Any engineer reentering the same information will have his application for recertification denied until a current Engagement Record is saved.

What if I do the same thing every year? The type of project might stay the same but the actual structures worked on should change. Please update your Engagement Record to reflect those changes.

What if I am retired? SECB will consider structural engineers still active in the industry.  


Step #3 Record PDH hours

Your continuing education or Professional Development Hours is an important part of the recertification process and can be the most time consuming. We recommend you enter your hours online as soon as you earn them, to spread out the task. SECB reviews hours of education earned, not units. Please log your continuing education as the actual hours you participated.


Where can I find a list of Approved Providers for electronic continuing education? Refer to the recertification section of the website.

Do all my continuing education hours need to be from approved providers? No. only your online education does. Any face-to-face seminar, course or lecture does not need to be from an Approved Provider.

What is considered online/web-based education for SECB? Any remote learning that is instructor paced (e.g. attendees cannot not be advancing the slides) that has visual and audio components.

Can I earn self-study hours? No. Any web-based or in-person education must be instructor paced. You cannot earn hours for reading, whether it is online or in your office.

What if I have to take a quiz at the end of my continuing education self-study or reading? It is still not acceptable for SECB continuing education hours.

Why is it that sometimes my state licensing board accepts hours that SECB does not? SECB is not trying to emulate state licensing requirements, rather it is designed to set a higher standard of continuing education that is specific to structural engineers.

What if I attended a conference? Enter multi-day events or events with several speakers as individual Activity Records for each different talk. This is to ensure that all hours are assigned to the appropriate category.

How can I see what hours I have submitted and where they have been approved? Log in to your user dashboard and all of your approved and pending PDHs are able to be reviewed according to the requirements. 


Step #4 Submit Recertification

When all the necessary information has been inputted, is my recertification submitted automatically? No, you will need to click the "Submit" button for your recertification request to go through. 

I do not see the "Submit" button. What do I do? Please contact for assistance. This could mean that it is too early or too late for you to submit your recertification, or that you have an outstanding annual payment. We will be happy to check for you and guide you through the next steps. 



What if I miss my recertification deadline? Please contact us at immediately, and start entering your Engagement Record and payment information in the dashboard. We will be happy to guide you through the next steps.

If I lapsed, and am given a new deadline to submit my recertification application, will my deadline change? No. You will need to submit your lapsed cycle’s information by one deadline but your original deadline will never change. Sometimes that means you are submitting two recertification applications within 12 months, but for two separate, cycles, just to catch up. 



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